The Elven Nations Trilogy

The Elven Nations Trilogy

The leader of the Silvanesti dies, leaving his twin sons to promote very different course for the elves they lead equally. Other nations see only weakness in the elves, and the brothers cannot lay aside their own differences to lead their people when a bitter territory war begins. It becomes a war of elf against elf, of isolation versus connection, until Kith-Kanan and his followers found the homeland of Qualinost. But their troubles do not stop there.

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I loved this novel, though some may find it predictable, or even cliché. The novel hooked me from the start with its well-developed characters, and thoroughly-examined conflicts. I read these some seven years ago (in 2011), and I still remember the protagonists’ names; the twins’ struggle in the icy, snow-covered mountains; their love triangle, and the sad ending of the life-long conflict between them and their father. I remember these details because in various ways, I identified with the characters, their inner conflicts, their wants and desires.

Series: The Eleven Nations Trilogy
Genre: Fantasy
Tag: Recommended Books
ASIN: 0786951877
ISBN: 9780786951871
List Price: 5.29
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