Video composition of the presentation of Cattivi Presagi, the Italian version of Forebodings, at the Altamarea Cultural Festival at Termoli, Italy, on 31 August 2021. The young man and writer, Andrea Scutti, read a passage in the scene between Genghis and Alia. The video shows Paolo Pilati, my translator; Valentina Salierno, his classmate, who also acted as my editor and is a member of the Altamarea organization, moderator Marianna Di Labbio, and other members of the organization, such as young filmmaker Antonio De Gregorio and the association’s president, Ettore Fabrizio. The young poet Michele Paladino, whose book of poems was also presented, can be seen at 10:00 sec on the right. You can watch the interview and recording of the event on TermoliOnline’s website.

Cinematic trailer for Forebodings

Insanity (or Lusk’s Song) clip.

Insanity (or Lusk’s Song), full length.

How to pronounce those words and names from Conquerors you might be wondering about.

Permanere. A short video clip form a scene in Forebodings where Aithen wonders about the motto of his family’s crest.

Luks’s void. A short excerpt of a scene in First Eruption where Lusk Methrim descends into a darkness that nearly drowns him.

Aithen’s declaration of interest. A short videoclip of a scene in First Eruption where Aithen decides to declare his romantic interest in Elyana by asking her to dance.

A scene in Forebodings between General Genghis and Empress Alia (both known by other names by the K’Tarans–names not to be revealed here) musing about what it means to be human in a post-human age, and a scene which also provides a hint as to the reasons behind the planned conquest of K’Tara.

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