Yesterday, I decided to install the Envira Gallery again. I tried 1.5 months ago, and was frustrated by its lack of responsiveness so I cancelled my account. I had been using the native WordPress gallery since then, which works very well, but it is limited in its features, especially in terms of gallery design. So, having heard that Envira released a new version, I decided to give it another try.

Unfortunately, I am frustrated as I was before, if not more so now. Indeed, the addons would not install, and the advice I got did not work, but I finally got the addons to install by downloading them to my laptop and installing them from there, rather than give Envira my WordPress login and password as they requested. Then I noted that the mobile gallery does not function properly. I have sent another help request. The staff is very nice, and wants to help, but I am disillusioned with this plugin, especially given that I had to pay to get the features I wanted, and they do not work.

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