I am working on a scene for Book 2 of ODTU, where Elyana (one of the main female characters of the novel) is trying to process some conflicted emotions, and I think it would be good to get a woman’s perspective.

Elyana has-by now-completely fallen for Aithen, but despite having let herself reveal to him how she feels about him, she must maintain a certain distance because of what she is, a Sister of the Order of the Light. The scene follows another where she affirmed to the leader of the organization that her duty is to the Order first and always. But now, she must go on a mission with Aithen himself, a mission involving only the two of them, and this leads to her emotional conflict.

I think I have written the scene in question well enough, trying to keep true to Elyana’s character. But am I properly describing her state of mind, her reactions when alone? This is where I think a woman’s perspective would help.


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