Dear readers, this is the last poll of the weekend. I need your help to select the font (typography) for the new cover which will go with the new title you helped me select last month (Conquerors of K’Tara) to replace the current title “Origins and Destiny – The Unravelling.”

Note that the font I am looking for is a font that makes it clear that the novel is also a science-fiction novel, even though the cover, and the first book, are mostly set in a fantasy world. The graphic artist who will do the typography for the new cover is a Montreal artist who is a friend of my youngest brother. The illustration for the cover will still be done by the young Italian artist, Michele Parisi, who did all the original illustrations.

Click here to the see the cover with the 5 different possible fonts in full view as the poll only has cropped images.  Thanks again for all your help this weekend. Note that I will leave this poll open until Monday evening 9pm eastern time (I made a mistake yesterday, and did not note a time, and so one person at least was not able to vote on the narrator today).

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Thanks again to all. LADP.

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