I loved this series, though some may find its tropes predictable and even cliché. Paul B. Thompson’ s Elven Nations Trilogy hooked me from the start, regardless of the expected overarching plot and regardless of the expected beautiful  elves. It hooked me because I love to read stories with well-developed characters, thoroughly-examined conflicts and sufficient twists and turns, and this trilogy has all three elements. I read this novel some seven years ago (in 2011), and I still remember the protagonists’ names; the twins’ adventures on the icy, snow-covered mountains as they try to reach the griffons they wish to tame; their interpersonal struggle and their temporary reconciliation when Sithas rescues the injured Kith-Kanan, their love triangle; and the sad ending of the life-long conflict between them and their father. I remember these details because in various ways, I identified with the characters, their inner conflicts, their wants and their desires.

If this excited your curiosity, you can find the novel here.


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