The three days I spent at PhilCon (the Philadelphia Science Fiction Convention) 2018 have left me with undeniable gains on many fronts: I had the chance to meet and befriend a number of great human beings and authors, as well as meet several passionate readers–passionate enough to grab a copy of my book for themselves or for their children–and finally to learn things about our craft from my peers, among whom many renowned writers.

So, a great experience indeed. Among the authors I befriended, there is:

  • Joab (pronounced Jo-ab) Stieglitz, author of the pulp adventure The Utgarda Trilogy, a captivating occult-mystery
  • Christopher Ryan, author of suspenseful crime thrillers such as the City of Woe, co-author of the pulp, cliffhanger-style, serialized adventures Black Jack, podcaster and teacher
  • Jennifer R Povey, author of speculative fiction novels and RPG supplements
  • and Muriel Stockdale, an artist, writer and lover of myths, fantasy, spirituality, and science fiction.


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