To help celebrate the release of the audiobook of Forebodings earlier this week, Audible has given me 50 Audible credits to give away and with which you may purchase the audiobook for free (25 valid in the US and 25 in the UK only). I will give the credits to the first 25 persons from each of the two countries who express their interest in experiencing the audiobook and then doing a review of it on Amazon, within 1 month of receiving their credit. To let me know of your interest, you may:

Note that you can gift this credit to a family member or friend if they are in the same country, are willing to listen and do a review with the same time-period, and they sign-up for the newsletter beforehand (through my contact page). I will update the number of codes still available at the end of each day until they are all gone.

If you win, I will send you your code along with the instructions to redeem it.

Good luck, LADP.

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