I’ve already told my readers about the interview Producer, Teacher and Author Chris Ryan did of me at the Philadelphia Science Fiction Convention of November 2018, my first interview ever, and for which I was not at all prepared. Still, Chris just kept me going, despite my wish to just crawl under some bench. And I am glad he did; it was perhaps a rite of passage for me. But now, I know what “unexpected” to expect, and I will be ready for the next one, should it happen at Boskone 2019 (the Boston SciFi Convention 15-17 Feb). Should you happen to be in the area at the time, you can  find out more about the convention, and come meet me.




In addition, earlier this month, Chris Ryan and his Tell the Damn Story co-podcaster, Alex Simmons, did an episode on Aquaman, Firefly (the space-western TV show, and upcoming new book series), comics creator Batton Lash, and Indie authors. The piece about me starts at min 22:45. To listen, you can click on the links below.





  • November 2018 interview (episode #67)
  • Mention on Tell the Damn Story #68







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