It has been a long time since I’ve published an update on the writing of Book 2 of Conquerors, which I have tentatively named “Eruption.” I must admit that it was on purpose, because I felt I wasn’t progressing as fast as I had planned to do and it pained me. But, after seeing a post from one of my author buddies (Joab Stieglitz) about his own progress, I decided it was perhaps time to give my readers an update, especially because–after releasing the audiobook and my second short-story earlier this month– was able to refocus on the writing of Book 2, and I started dictating scenes in the car and everywhere where I was forced to wait for one thing or another which allowed me to get back on track, reaching 77,543 words today. It feels good, and I will be able to make even more progress when I am in Boston from 11-17 February, where I will attend the Boston SciFi Convention, known as Boskone, from Friday 15 to Sunday 17 February. The rest of my stay there will be spent writing, and visiting the city when I need a break.

So, if you live or find yourself in the Boston area from 15-17 February, come spend a day or a few hours at the convention, to meet authors you love or others you don’t yet know, to listen to captivating talks about science and fiction, to listen to readings, to discover this family-friendly world of science fiction and fantasy, or simply to meet me.

If you are interested, you can click here to see what is on the program.


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