The audiobook for Forebodings continues to enchant since its launch on 07Jan2019. More than 30 listeners have purchased it since then, and 10 reviews are now in, averaging to a rating of 4.3/5 (see the reviews). This bodes well for the future. 

And I remain grateful to Adam R. Watson for his determination and patience as we did this project, as well as for his talent,which he may not have summoned, but which he certainly cultivated.

Select the link to the right to listen to a sample of the book. It is from a scene, near the end of the book, where one of the Sisters of the Light, Juliana Lux Baiula, is killed by the Serpent, and her brother, one of the king’s body guards, breaks down.



Click to listen.

by Written by L.A. Di Paolo. Narrated by Adam R. Watson.

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