The second illustration for Eruption (Conquerors of K’Tara, Book 2) is done.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, this represents the arrival of one of the enemies of our heroes’ nation. They are the Zebulonians, a nation ruled by women.

Here, they arrive across a forbidding mountain range to destroy, but also to enslave. The character in the foreground is General Bellona, and if her scowl is to be trusted, she is not looking forward to her task.

If you would like a high resolution image of this illustration for your desktop, let me know by messaging me on FB or by contacting me. Michele also generated a vertical one of the general. If you’re interested in checking out Book 1 (Forebodings).



Below, on the left, is the first image Michele (Meekeleh) Parisi created for Book 2. It represents one of the first battles in Eruption, between the Black Guard (a unit of the Alvinorian army guarding a pass between an enemy nation and Alvinoria) and the Gnarlers–foul, dangerous creatures raised by K’Tara’s angry god to wreak havoc across the land. On the right, is the illustration of the invading Zebulonian army for you to click and enjoy in full screen view.


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