When I typed the phrase said by Moradien, a defiant apprentice of the Sisterhood, “Would you want us dead, or worse — enslaved — just so long as we keep to the Order’s ways?”, which put me at 111,366 words tonight, I felt a strong need to say it. Indeed, that means I’ve reached the 70% mark with 296 pages written. Even if 70% is not a typical milestone, somehow it felt good to finally get into the seventies; now I really feel close to my goal. That means that I have about 50,000 more words to write to complete Eruption (Conquerors of K’Tara, Book 2). Of course, the number doesn’t really matter; the quality of the story is what matters, and I may need a little more or perhaps fewer words to conclude this book. But I am so excited, myself, about all that is happening in Book 2 that I am very hopeful that readers will feel the same about it.


Conquerors Book 2

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