Lusk’s Song (Insanity) was born as a single quatrain in Forebodings, where Lusk Methrim sang it during the testing of his healing abilities by the Lux Baiulae. Adam R. Watson so loved to sing those four lines for the audiobook that he asked if I would finish the song so he could do the entire thing. So, I did and here below is the long-awaited result.

It was an incredible experience, these past three months, working with Adam on the melody, making needed changes to the lyrics, agreeing on the instruments, and finally listening to his rendition of the entire thing. And after this, the tenth cut, I said “Accepted!” and prepared to release for all to enjoy.

The song, sung from a young man’s perspective, tells of the insanity of war, of his fears, and of his hope that he will remain a decent person through it and that he will still be so at the end of it.

If you wish to listen to it, note that it is 4:23 long. If you do listen and like it (or don’t), let me know with a comment here or on YouTube. And please share (if you like).

Listen/watch Lusk’s Song on YouTube.



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