Last week, a reader–someone who started following me recently–asked me a question. She asked if I could share some of the things I do when I am not writing. So, after thinking about it for a while, and asking myself how much I am willing to divulge about my private life, I decided to share this photo (from 2018) since I often post about my riding. The photo is of me on my horse, Destiny– a 12-year-old quarter horse x arabian mare.

Those among you who ride will notice that I am not holding the reins properly (they should be held between little and ring fingers). I only corrected this error after taking some lessons earlier this year. I should have learned proper rein holding a long time ago, but I always preferred to just ride by instinct. After all, I thought, the first humans to get on a horse did not get lessons. However, given that my daughter likes to compete with our horse, I convinced myself that it was probably better to start using proper techniques. Perhaps next time, I’ll post a picture of my improved hand position.


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