I wasn’t sure what to write in this “Holiday” post, whether to simply give everyone my wishes too, or to provide an update on the completion of Eruption.

I will therefore do both. To begin, I will tell you that the writing of the final chapters is progressing well. As I do this, I am also beginning the review to ensure there are no unintended gaps in the story (of which I did find a few), and that the sequence of events is logical. Grammar, syntax and vocabulary, form will come later. With regards to progress against my original target of 160,000 words, Book 2 is at 172,053 words (523 pages), so it is likely I will end up at a word count above that of Forebodings (180,000). The book may get shortened during the editing, of course, but that is where it seems to be headed now.

All in all, I am therefore quite happy with where things are, and I am feeling hopeful about being able to send it off for professional editing in the near future.

Having shared this, I would now like to add my own best wishes to those you’ve received from family and friends for the Christmas holiday as well as for the New Year.

Cheers, and until next year.


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