After writing a few scenes about the arrival of the Zebulonian and Alvinorian armies in the south of the kingdom–which region the Zebulonians reached by crossing a large mountain chain separating the two rival nations–I have now penned the first words of the last last three chapters of Eruption, which I have also named.

They are: 

  •  May your Bodies be Worthy
  • Unraveled
  • You were Warned

As of the writing of this post, the book stands at 188,685 words, or 580 pages (typical paperback format of 5.5×8.5). It is larger than Forebodings, but I believe it will prove a worthwhile development, because it will have given me the opportunity to spend more time on each of the main characters and to show how each of the forces involved in the story are being affected by the unraveling of K’Tara.

I have also brought the story to the point where Ronin, that Earther I introduced in the short stories of the same name, is at the point of becoming involved in K’Tara’s story. He is not named in Eruption, but Ronin Part 3 describes General Genghis’s departure from Earth, and–if you’ve read the shorts–you know that Ronin intended to join the general’s mission to K’Tara. He has now done so, and he will be going with the girl he met Downside, and whom he fell in love with. But, I will stop there, to not give too much away about Book 3, which will I will write next.



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