Still working on completing Eruption. I had huge crisis a, week ago, which stopped me for a few days, a crisis that came when I sat back to think of the ending of Eruption and believed that it was all wrong. But, after speaking to my kids and some reader friends about it, they convinced me that what I had planned was a good ending and would not turn them off. So, I resumed the writing. As of tonight, I am way beyond the word count I had originally planned, with 190,200 words (about 613 pages), compared to the 180,000 words for Forebodings. I had not imagined that writing real battle scenes could be so complicated. I thought they’d be as easy as the writing of the scenes, in Forebodings, where the Serpent attacked Horn’s Pass and then Furan City. But I was wrong. A proper battle, with warring armies, is an entirely different endeavor; I realize that now, and wish to do it justice. But I am getting there. This is the last chapter. 

Cheers, LADP.

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