This afternoon, I decided to take a thirty-minute break from writing to take photos of my fish. I like to do that once in a while, to record their growth and the changes they undergo as they age. How do you like these? Here, below, are the Golden nugget, the Red empress cichlid, the Sulfur head cichlid, and a lucky photo of the Sulfur head above the Maleri (left) and Piebald cichlid (right) .

Tomorrow, I will try and photograph the three-week old platys I have in the hospital tank. I wasn’t planning on having my fish reproduce there, but I did buy these platys to keep my sick fish or bullies company, and since I got a male and two females, they mated and one female bore a dozen or so little fishes.


Gold nugget pleco (Baryancistrus sp.)

Sulfur Head Lithobates (Otopharynx lithobates)

Red empress (Protomelas taeniolatus)

Here, I got lucky and was able to photograph the Sulfur head swimming above the Maleri (left) and Piebald cihlid (right).

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