With the pandemic and quarantine, one might think that things would have slowed, even for authors. And I know they have slowed some other authors’ book launches given that publishers have had to close shop. Fortunately, the writing has not been affected much, if at all, though it is possible that if one were intending to take fencing lessons or visit some jail or some remote location to research a particular topic for their novel, they would indeed have been affected. That was not the case for me, and I have been able to not only continue to edit Eruption, but also to initiate new projects.

With regards to the editing of Book 2 of Conquerors of K’Tara, I have completed the revision of the first seven chapters. So, I have 24 more to review. I am very happy, though, that a writer friend of mine (J. Crighton) who can tell the most fantastic and original stories, has accepted to review my manuscript because his insights have already helped me make the story that much better.

Aside from this, I have begun sending chapters from Eruption to my narrator, Adam R. Watson. If all goes well, the audiobook of Eruption will be available some time this summer.

I have also just received the first draft of the French translation of Ronin Part 3 from my translator, Claire Bourély. This should be done and published by mid-May.

And last, but not least, I have just received resumes from four potential translators from L’Università della Sapienza, one of the top universities in Rome, Italy, where I am running a contest to identify the person who will translate Forebodings into Italian.




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