I am very excited today because after reviewing the translations of Chapter 1 of Forebodings from 12 Italian applicants,  I have finally chosen the person who will translate not only Forebodings, but also the Ronin shorts into Italian. But, I could not have done this without my sister Vicky’s help, and so I must thank her for reviewing the submissions and helping me to make my decision. I wondered at first if I should post this in English since most US and UK readers will not want the Italian versions, but perhaps some of you do have family in Italy and you can share this news with them.

The young man I chose to translate the novel and shorts is Paolo PilatiPaolo is a 26-years old professional translator from Trento (Italy) with a very interesting background. In 2019, he received his Master’s degree in Translation from l’Università degli Studi di Torino. His thesis dealt with Anglo-Indian poetry and culture, and focused on the hybridization of semantic content in relation to the translating act and the decision-making process that it implies. Paolo is a native Italian speaker, working with English, French, German and Spanish texts. He is also a musician and former songwriter, and now he plays in a project called the Electric Circus, in which many musical genres come together (Jazz, Funk, World, and so on). 

 Paolo will begin with the translation of the Ronin shorts, which is perhaps a better way to introduce readers to the story since they set the background for everything that will unfold on K’Tara. If all goes well, I should have these published in June. He will then continue with Forebodings, targeting completion in September. By that time, he should also be able to start on Eruption, so that the Italian version will only be 5-6 months behind that of Forebodings.

Speaking of Eruption, if you are wondering about the English version, the editing is, in fact, lagging, and I have been wondering for a while whether I should not simply release each chapter separately, every other week (the first 10 chapters are now final). As you might guess, with 26 more to go, I will not be done editing them in June, much to my chagrin. Perhaps I’ll run a poll to find out if people would enjoy not having the physical book for a while, so long as they can read the electronic version soon (and for free).



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