Here above is the final cover for First Eruption, Book 2 of Conquerors of K’Tara and here, to the left, the illustration (click it to enlarge it). 

I am really happy with it, and I am thankful to everyone who took a look and gave me their thoughts on the illustration (in particular, one about the fact that a sword in Toras’s hand was too cliché) as well as to those who voted to help me choose the blurb on the back. Based upon the feedback, I decided to have Michele (Meekehleh) replace the sword with a gnarler’s claw, and I really love the result, though I dislike the emotion that pushes Toras to show it off in this scene. I also chose the shorter blurb for the back cover and willl use the longer one for the book’s Amazon page.

And most of all, I am thankful to Michele Parisi for his continued ability to create such high-quality illustrations that show emotions as well as they show the various physical elements of the various scenes or characters. Do you see the emotions here? Which are they?

Well, back to the writing before I take some time outdoors with my kids.


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