How do I begin a post-mortem? I do not know, though I do them once or twice a year as part of my job as project director. I suppose, I can begin by saying what this one is about: my first live-interview.

When I accepted the opportunity, which came by way of a fan who is also a member of the FB group NerdCulture (they also have a YouTube channel of the same name), I was excited; this was a chance for some exposure ahead of the release of Book 2 of the novel. I was also nervous, very nervous. Indeed, I was concerned about the questions the interviewer might ask because I do not remember trivia, and I do not easily recall things that everyone else knows. I was also dreading having to explain what the novel is about in thirty seconds because, though this story is a topic I am an expert of–the expert of, I simply cannot distill it in a clear, concise, and engaging manner. Finally, I am keenly aware of the fact that I do not easily express myself orally when under a certain pressure.

As it happened, I could not remember the names of the Doctors I really loved (such as David Tennant and Matt Smith), and I could not list literary genres that I enjoy, nor could I tell what the novel is about in a clear, understandable way. But I had prepared–for the entire previous week.

It felt like a failure to me, even with the “great interview” comments I received from my family and friends. Was it a failure? I do not know. If I could have seen the responses of the viewing public, I might have known, and I might have refocused the way I did when I had to defend my thesis. I had been trying to follow my notes, but I was fumbling with the papers and I could see questions and expressions of annoyance on people’s faces. So, I thought “the heck with my papers” (in French) and did it all from somewhere inside me that says, “I know this, and I know all the facts I need to know, and I can tell them to whomever may ask.”

So, where do I go from here? Onward. I will need to learn to tell what my story is, and practice it. And I need to learn to tell it from whatever point of view the audience may be interested in (character, plot, etc.). And I need to find some good trivia games to start practicing answering such questions.


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