Since I have not posted anything (in English) in a while, I thought I  would give my readers a quick update on First Eruption.

To begin, the revisions are complete, and I am now addressing the grammatical and typographical errors indicated by the proofreader. As of today, I have cleaned-up the first twelve chapters  of sixteen chapters, which means that I will be done this week! I will then proceed to the final formatting of the print version as well as create the eBook version. And when that is done, I will be ready to publish.

As you can see, there are still a few things to do, but nothing complicated and no show stoppers on the horizon.

But now, I will take a break, probably to savor a glass of red (sweet) vermouth–my favorite drink–spend some time chatting with my kids and finally come back to my computer to do some more work until it’s time to sleep.

Wishing you a good evening, too.

L.A. Di Paolo.

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