I debated for a minute whether to begin with a “Well,” or a “I know you have been waiting,” or still, a “Hello all.” Having done it this way, I have, in effect, used all three opening forms.

As you may guess from the post’s title, this is about First Eruption’s publication. And I am happy to say that the editing, the proofreading, and the revisions are complete.

I have now commenced the formatting process for both the print and the eBook versions as I intend to release them together. It is true that I hoped to publish in the last week of September (after having missed multiple other self-imposed targets: December 2019, March 2020, June 2020). But I still feel good about having reached this point, because it is the final step before the birth of this chapter of the story, begun in Forebodings.

I will not make any other promises this time. Instead, I will let you know when the formatting is complete and the release date has been set.

Take care all,


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