This is it, the long-awaited day, the release of First Eruption, Book 2 of Conquerors of K’Tara.

I have just uploaded the final eVersion of the book to Amazon and it should be available for sale by Friday 16Oct. As exciting as this is, I am tense and uncertain. What if there remain glaring errors? What if…Indeed, so many things can go wrong, such as happened with the first upload, which caused me to shout a four-letter curse, which is an ultra rare thing for me. Somehow, chapter 4 was not from First Eruption but from Forebodings. Fortunately, the “Publish” button was still a few screens away, and I immediately cancelled the process, returned to my source file, fixed the issue, re-reviewed everything and then uploaded what I am praying is the right and final file.

How ironical is it that we fret so much about the quality of our work that we will even choose to postpone its unveiling by months or years to ensure its perfection when silly technical issues can ruin it all?

But, the book is now ready; it is uploaded and being reviewed by Amazon staff to ensure it meets their formatting and content criteria, and as soon as they approve it for release, I will make it so.

As for the paperback version, it will be available within a week of the Kindle version’s release. I wonder what has caused a smile to appear on my face, just now; perhaps the thought of seeing the second book in my hands. Two years and eight months after the release of Forebodings.


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