Today, I am happy to take some time to write this post. I am happy because, since the last one I wrote–where I promised to slow down so that I might ensure a greater quality of all my ongoing writing and editing projects–I have, in fact, been able to do that.

I have published a new edition–a clean edition–of First Eruption; I have completed the revisions to the Italian translation, which is now ready for publication; and Adam and I have completed the production of the audiobook for First Eruption.

The audiobook is now undergoing Audible’s quality checks and as soon as they approve it, it will be released on Audible, ITunes, Amazon, as well as be available for purchase here.

I am looking forward to this release, because I truly love to listen to Adam give life to the characters. And, if you listened to Forebodings, you know Adam’s remarkable skill.

I have attached the retail sample here, to give you a preview of the audiobook of First Eruption: Conquerors of K’Tara, Book 2.

L.A. Di Paolo

P.S.: If you wish to receive a poster of one of the novel’s illustrations autographed by me, or a poster of the audiobook cover signed by Adam and me, when you buy the audiobook, send me an email at or leave me a message on my contact page.

First Eruption, audiobook

by Adam R. Watson

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