This morning, I decided to give an update on what I am doing, even though I posted on my FB page that I might not for another while, so that I might better focus on my work.

However, while waiting for my Photoshop app to launch to prepare the title for the Italian version of First Eruption, I had thirty or so seconds to watch and then see the picture on my desktop: the photo of a Great egret (a.k.a Great heron) that I took recently. And the more I saw it, the more I felt like sharing it with you because it is a photo I love. And I am proud of it, even though the outer feathers on the left wing are not fully in focus.

Discovering trails with two very goods friends (who are the most wonderful couple and the greatest company for exploring), in the region where I live near Philadelphia, and trying to capture nature in action brings me the greatest satisfaction, and it often helps inspire me, not necessarily by giving new ideas but simply by taking my mind off things so I come back to them with a fresher perspective.

Click on the image to expand it. I hope you enjoy it.


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