A masterpiece. Villeneuve’s Dune blew me away. The cinematography, the perfection of the details, the intensity of the performances, they all left me and my son feeling in awe, and this, despite the–few–notable deviations from the novel.

I am aware that some will find my characterization of the movie exaggerated, but I do watch a lot of science fiction and fantasy movies, and none has left me as completely thrilled and enthralled as this rendition of Dune has. Some will find the lack of closure in this first part disappointing. I was not disappointed. And the movie itself is nonetheless worthy of our praise. Others have remarked, as has my oldest, that the missing details and the lack of introduction to some of the complexities of the Dune world, will put off those unfamiliar with the novel or leave them confused; I suppose we will know if this is true or not when the newcomers to Dune will share their own impressions of the movie.

As for myself, I can hardly wait for Part 2.


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