It is nice to finally get back into Book 3 of Conquerors and re-immerse myself in it. I have been at it for two weeks now, struggling a little, at first, as I tried to put myself back into all the characters’ shoes. But this morning, it happened, and the feeling is wonderful, of being able to see and hear and sense what the characters are living in each scene, understanding where they are and where they should be going, and re-writing the scenes to improve them, increase the effect and diminish the distance between the reader and the protagonists.
If all goes well, Book 3, which will be called Second Eruption, should come out by year-end, but I have a lot of work to do to get from the first draft I have to the final one.
I will try and give an update about it every so often. Perhaps share some scenes or chapters. In the meantime, if you have not yet read First Eruption, you can get a copy on Amazon in paperback or Kindle format.
But just now, I am going to go for a walk in unusually warm and hazy Pennsylvania. I hope you get a chance to do so, too. Being outdoors, where there are some trees and birds chirping is always good.
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