Ronin Part 4

Ronin Part 4

Shock for Ronin and Julia in the thick of things.

Ronin’s quest for a better world continues in Part 4, which sees Ronin and Julia aboard the Galactic on their way to K’Tara. However, all is not well for them aboard ship, and Julia wonders whether she made a terrible mistake when she agreed to follow Ronin and join General Genghis’s unit.

The detour on Kepler to stop the rebellion turns very ugly, and Ronin and Julia begin to feel threatened by some of the other soldiers who do not see them as comrades or crewmates but rather as prey—or playthings.

Return to the story in this new short to understand the shock and confusion that shakes Ronin and Julia, as well as to get hints of what may await the K’Tarans once General Genghis and his unit arrive on the planet.

About the Book
Ronin – A Conquerors of K’Tara, Part 4
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