Conquerors of K’Tara

Conquerors is set on the distant planet K’Tara, a world which circles a binary star system, some three thousand years in the future. Thanks to a very unusual environment as well as to their biology, K’Tarans built a thriving civilization which flourished not by way of metal-based technological advancements, but through the masterful harnessing of biology. Despite these great achievements, though, K’Tarans will crumble when those they believed to be their gods come to conquer and enslave them. But K’Tarans will rise again, after they create new myths and legends to spur their own conquest of the false gods living on the third planet of the system Sol.

Planet K’Tara

K’Tara is the world upon which most of the events of the novel unfold. The planet’s location in the binary star system to which it belongs have created upon it some of the fiercest meteorological conditions of any habitable planet. But despite the harsh environment, life has evolved upon K’Tara, as it has elsewhere, and it is perhaps more majestic, fascinating, dangerous and repulsive because of its conditions. Most of all, though, life on K’Tara has permitted the development of a unique humanoid society, a society in many ways superior to that which caused its creation. Here-below are the maps, created by me, of the major continents of K’Tara.

The Images

The various images on the pages of my site (except for the double-headed furan which I, myself, drew) were created by a talented artist named Michele (Meekeleh) Parisi, a young man living in Florence, Italy, and whom I had the fortune to meet via UpWork. Michele also made improvements to the double-headed furan (the emblem of House Coriolis). View my image gallery which contains final illustrations for Forebodings, as well as sketches of the illustrations for Eruption, and a collage of other domesticated animals of K’Tara. If you wish to see Michele’s other works, you may go here:


Relationship Diagram of the Main Characters


Insanity – or Lusk’s Song

Insanity was born as a single quatrain in Forebodings, where Lusk Methrim sang it during the testing of his healing abilities by the Lux Baiulae. Adam R. Watson so loved to sing those four lines, that he asked if I would finish the song so he could do the entire thing. So, I did and this here is the long-awaited result. The song, sung from a young man’s perspective, tells about the insanity of war, of his fears, and of his hope that he will remain a decent person through it and, at that he will still be so at the end of it.

Click to the right to listen. You may also hear Insanity on SoundCloud

Conquerors of K’Tara – The Books

Forebodings – Conquerors of K’Tara Book 1 

After nearly six hundred years of preparations, Planet K’Tara is almost ripe for the taking.

When their father fails to return from a secret mission, High Prince Aithen and Prince Toras come face-to-face with a terrifying creature, a serpent long-dead and bent on destruction. Determined to locate the High King before chaos erupts, Aithen sends his brother and thirty men, astride their flying steeds, on a mission to find and bring him back.

 The extent of the threat facing K’Tara begins to overwhelm the high prince when a mysterious foreigner visits him and tells him of a planned invasion by a barbarous neighbor, and when Elyana—a Lux Baiula (Light Bearer) who is a member of the powerful and mystical Lucis Sororum Societas—informs him of very unusual and worrisome vibrations in the Bind. Following a dangerous roaming session in the ethereal world, the two discover that the Serpent isn’t alone; that it is being controlled by one of their gods, and that said god is intent on conquering the planet.

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First Eruption – Conquerors of K’Tara Book 2

Alvinoria — K’Tara’s most powerful kingdom — begins to unravel as the enemy, continuing to hide behind its K’Taran agents, strikes across the land and infiltrates religious, political, and military institutions to weaken the kingdom from within.

 Our heroes achieve some early victories, and continue to prepare, as best they can, for the expected invasion as well as for their next encounter with an increasingly powerful Serpent. The high king is forced to accept unpalatable changes within his court and his family, while the princes continue to adjust to their own changing situations. Meanwhile, the Sisterhood struggles to keep to its principles in the face of a reality which demands new rules.

 First Eruption is a book of revelation about some of the protagonists and of evolution for some others. Doubt, fear, disgust, despair, adventure, and hope visits our heroes as the enemy advances.

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Darkness Gains (formerly to be called Second Eruption) – Conquerors of K’Tara Book 3, planned for release spring of 2023.

Darkness Gains sees High King Octavius’s world shatter. Prince Toras makes another costly mistake, and the Serpent and the Umbra travel to the distant continent of Mo’Tarkoth to secure the victory of the Zebulonian army, which will soon march into Alvinoria.

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Book 4, planned for release 2024-2025.

Book 4 (Second Eruption) will see Alvinoria invaded by Zebula’s army, which will take residence in the south and send prisoners of high value back to Zebulonia. Zebula will also enslave a large number of Alvinorian males to rejuvenate the Zebulonian creatics, as directed by the criptic Nihildrina.

Doubt, confusion, and murder cripple the Sisterhood of the Light, and the people of Alvinoria begin to revolt against their king, who finds himself powerless against a universe that has decided to conspire against him and his family.

This is what the Founder, Noctiferus, had hoped for, planned for. The door will now be open for his arrival–for his conquest of the planet

Book 5, planned for release 2025-2026.

Book 5 will see the conquest and enslavement of K’Tara by Noctiferus, who arrives on the planet under false pretenses, kills the high king, and then takes the younger prince back to Earth as a prize for the Alia, Empress of Earth and all its Colonies. The Empress, however, is horrified by the transformation and the actions of General Genghis (a.k.a. Noctiferus). While the general conspires to eliminate Alia, Prince Toras escapes with the help of Earthers Ronin and his friend Julia and returns to K’Tara to help mount an uprising.

Book 6, planned for release 2027-2028.

Book 6 (not yet named) will see hope return to K’Tara. With the help of Ronin, a few Earthers, and Humans from other planetary colonies, K’Tarans learn what they must to travel the stars and remove Genghis—once known to K’Tarans as Noctiferus—from the imperial throne to prevent future attacks on planets of the galaxy.


The Ronin short stories are set in the Conquerors of K’Tara universe. They are meant to provide a glimpse into the world of the K’Taran gods, a world where also lives a man whose life will soon be tied to K’Tara’s destiny.

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In Part 1, we meet Ronin—a member of the human elite. Ronin hates life in Upside, on the Disk that surrounds the Earth and where humans are increasingly mechanized and less and less connected as individuals, and he craves a different life. His yearning takes him Downside one day, a place that ceased to evolve thousands of years before. There, we experience the awe as well as the anxiety he feels, despite being an Upsider, as he visits the ancient city of Boulder and he meets its people—fullhumans who still use their voices to communicate. And we understand how his meeting with a local girl, full of life, finally brings him to action. Get your copy of Ronin, Parts 1-3 on Amazon.


In Part 2, Ronin has joined the empress’ galactic army, and he discusses with his roommate the idea of getting Julia admitted into General Genghis’s mission to Kepler – a decoy for his true goal: K’Tara. This mission, according to Ronin, is the ticket to take both him and Julia to a world in the galaxy where humans live as they were meant to live, and which will allow him to finally put Upside’s degenerate society behind himra.

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In Part 3, Ronin has succeeded in getting Julia admitted into General Genghis’s mission to Kepler. Here, we experience Julia’s shock in the face of the alien silence of the Disk and of the prejudice of Upsiders. Will Julia be able to adapt? And if so, at what cost?

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Magna K’Tara, congregamur ut dare tibi sororibus nostris, eos qui mortui sunt tibi servandum. Sorores, nostris mentibus nunc nos ligare!

English translation: “Great K’Tara, assembled we are to give you our Sisters, those who in your service have died. Sisters, our minds let us now join!”

Krystiana meli dux, great mother of the sisters of the light.

Incantation during the Ascension Ceremony following the death of two sisters.

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