A missing king. An ancient monster. One son must rise up to save their planet.

Planet K’Tara, 5000 AD. High Prince Aithen thought he had years of freedom before he’d have to take the throne. But when his father fails to return from a secret mission, the prince must learn the ropes quickly before a long-forgotten creature destroys the kingdom. And that terrifying monster is just a harbinger of what’s to come…

While his younger brother searches for the missing king, Aithen must move his people to safety and prepare for battle. As he uncovers the truth of things, the prince fears he may have to go to war with a god himself, and with the help of the mystical Elyana–a member of the Sisterhood of Light–he works to gather answers before the enemy strikes again. If he fails, death will meet him, those he loves, and his people…

Forebodings is the first book in the exhilarating Conquerors of K’Tara fantasy series. If you like ancient gods, nightmarish monsters, imaginative storytelling that blurs the line between fantasy and science fiction, and if you love stories set in vast universes, then you’ll love L.A. Di Paolo’s out-of-this-world novel.

Note that the novel is not an action-packed adventure, that is, there is not action in every chapter. That is because the novel is meant to explore the humans of the K’Taran universe, meaning that it explores their political, sociological, religious and technological aspects, and as such it has both action scenes as well as more descriptive that are meant to unveil important aspects of the heroes and villains or of the societies that drive or constrain them on their journeys.

Conquerors is set on distant planet K’Tara, a world which circles a binary star system, some three thousand years in the future. Thanks to a very unusual environment as well as to their biology, K’Tara’s peoples succeeded in building a civilization which thrived not by way of metal-based technological advancements, but through the masterful harnessing of biology. Despite these great achievements, though, K’Tarans will crumble when they discover the truth about their gods, and they come face-to-face with its reality. Only the realization that their origins cannot determine their destiny will enable K’Tarans to rise again, after they create new myths and legends to spur their conquest of the false gods living on the third planet of the system Sol.

In Book 1 (Forebodings), creatures of a long-gone enemy reappear and begin to terrorize and destroy. The enemy himself, however, remains obscured and operates in the shadows while his forces gather. Confused and fearful of a threat they cannot yet fully recognize, K’Tarans struggle to make sense of what is happening and to prepare to defend themselves against the expected onslaught.

Book 2, currently in progress, will see the K’Taran civilization begin to unravel as the enemy weakens it from within, and pits rival nations against each other to cripple them all. But despite the challenges, which seem insurmountable, long-standing allies agree to work together by accelerating the re-establishment of their military capabilities and the discovery of powers necessary to meet the threat.

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The Images

The various images on the pages of my site (except for the double-headed furan which I, myself, drew) were created by a talented artist named Michele (Meekeleh) Parisi, a young man living in Florence, Italy, and whom I had the fortune to meet via UpWork. Michele also made improvements to the double-headed furan (the emblem of House Coriolis). View my image gallery which contains final illustrations for Forebodings, as well as sketches of the illustrations for Eruption, and a collage of other domesticated animals of K’Tara. If you wish to see Michele’s other works, you may go here: www.artstation.com/michele_parisi.

Planet K’Tara

K’Tara is the world upon which most of the events of the novel unfold. The planet’s location in the binary star system to which it belongs have created upon it some of the fiercest meteorological conditions of any habitable planet. But despite the harsh environment, life has evolved upon K’Tara, as it has elsewhere, and it is equally majestic, fascinating, dangerous and repulsive. Most of all, though, life on K’Tara has permitted the development of a unique humanoid society, a society in many ways superior to that which caused its creation. Here-below are the maps, created by me, of the major continents of K’Tara.

Relationship Diagram of the Main Characters


Because it Matters

Read the first few pages of Forebodings on Amazon.

Other Conquerors Books and Writings

Conquerors Book 2 – in Draft

Book 2 of Conquerors of K’Tara is currently in draft. Every week, I write another chapter or two, with a goal to complete the entire book by mid-2019, then edit and prepare for publication by December 2019. Book 2 will see Alvinoria, K’Tara’s most powerful kingdom, begin to unravel as the enemy continues to strike across the land, infiltrates religious, political and military institutions, and causes a destructive engagement between Alvinoria and the neighboring kingdom of Zebulonia. Meanwhile, the enemy makes preparations for the invasion.


The Ronin short stories are set in the Conquerors of K’Tara universe. They are meant to provide a glimpse into the world of the K’Taran gods, a world where also lives a man whose life will soon be tied to K’Tara’s destiny.


As the elite of human society continues to stray from humanity’s biological origins, one man seeks an alternative route. The route fortune places in front of him will one day turn him into a traitor to some and a savior to others. Get your copy of Ronin Part 1.


Ronin has finally made it into the Empress’s Galactic Army and has been outfitted with the only piece of technology he had truly wanted: a device to be able to communicate with Julia, the fullhuman girl who saved him on Earth. But has he found what he was really looking for, yet? And if not, where else can he look?

His inexperience and trusting nature may very well put him in a situation worse than the one he seeks to flee. Find out in this new short-story, which continues our look into the universe of Conquerors of K’Tara. Get your copy of Ronin Part 2.


Magna K’Tara, congregamur ut dare tibi sororibus nostris, eos qui mortui sunt tibi servandum. Sorores, nostris mentibus nunc nos ligare!

English translation: “Great K’Tara, assembled we are to give you our Sisters, those who in your service have died. Sisters, our minds let us now join!”

Krystiana meli dux, great mother of the sisters of the light.

Incantation during the Ascension Ceremony following the death of two sisters.

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