Here below are the tentative completed lyrics to Lusk’s song. The fifth stanza is from a scene in Forebodings where Lusk is asked to sing a song so a Lux Baiula may find him in the Bind. I decided to complete the song, and this is my attempt at it. Once it is done, I will pass it to my friend and narrator Adam Watson who may compose the music for it. The complete song will find its place in Eruption, as this is where not only hardened veterans will take up arms to defend their nation, but also the young and inexperienced.

For now, you may read the words below, or play the video to the right of the lyrics, which is accompanied by the music of Kevin MacLeod. It is by the same genius composer whose music Adam chose to introduce the chapters of the audiobook.

I would appreciate everyone’s thoughts on it. You can comment under the post on my web site, or on FB. And if you’d like, you can learn more about Forebodings.


My dearest father, hear me
I must to battle promptly.
With this virgin blade to slay them
Whomsoever bring us mayhem.
My dearest mother, hear it
It will rattle heart and spirit.
For to ward our loved nation
We will know but depravation.
When weakness fills the land with blood
Will I know my foe or loved?
If one asks to have my shoulder
Will I then be strong and bolder?
If the suns do rise anew
Will my eyes for you renew?
Oh let there be this hope
That into your arms I lope.
But from mountain top to valley
There are only empty alleys.
In this now forgotten place
There are only ghostly faces.
With this arm, I hold the emblem
And we’ll sing for you requiem.


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