Toras, Aithen, and Elyana as well as Scorch and the princes’ young brother return to us in Book 3 of Conquerors of K’Tara: Darkness Gains.

Darkness Gains will see the Serpent, working with Noctiferus’s other creatures, deal crippling blows to the Alvinorians — in the air, on the ground, and in the Bind, while the Umbra will cross the sea to seek allies in preparation for the imminent invasion of Alvinoria. In the meantime, Toras will put new methods to the test, Aithen will begin to feel the crushing weight of the war, and Elyana will force the hand of a traitor. The Locari, a long time removed from the affairs of the Humans, will finally decide to get involved in the war. And, unsuspected forces will descend on Kynaria, where the queen-consort and her son, young prince Ori, had taken refuge at the end of First Eruption.

Darkness Gains has no happy ending as it is a middle, a waypoint on a road still riddled with the uncertainty and terror of what cannot be grasped. But, there are small victories and successes, which accompany the actions of the relentless and bring hope where it is most needed.

The book will be released in May 2023. Be on the lookout.   


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